In addition to developing students’ professional skills, our university carries out the philosophy of "begin from oneself, extend benevolence to all", and pays special attention to student’s humanistic quality and social care. In order to achieve the goal and follow Huangkuang University philosophy, the general education focuses on developing campus culture and combining social care into our core course of general education, which is humanistic spirits, and through service learning. Not only a course, but also a mechanism and strategy to convey "love". 


Rational concept of course design:

  1. Integrate the school's "begin from oneself, extend benevolence to all" philosophy into the General Education curriculum. Implement self-realization, serving the society, and cherishing nature based on caring for life.
  2. Two major dimensions: life and self, science and society.
  3. Five units: life, death and happiness, self-identification, from childhood to adulthood, basic literacy and life practice, environment and nature, life, society and practice.

※ For more details, please link to the Humanistic Education and Development Section website http://hedc.hk.edu.tw/

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