The College of General Education focuses on the integration of humanistic education into courses. It is hoped that based on the core "humanistic spirit" course of general education, and through learners’ experience and reflection, students will be consciously aware of themselves, understand nature, respect others, care for life, and enhance their humanistic spirit.


The curricula structure of College of General Education includes three study areas under each major study category which are Natural Sciences and Application, Social Sciences, Liberal Arts, and category amounting to a variety of minor study areas which cover Literature, Social Science, Natural Science, Art, Physical Fitness, and Creativity. Under the guidance of the above concepts, the College of General Education expects to cultivate students to have a view of life, a life-loving sentiment, and a sense of mission.

It is hoped that through the cultivation of humanistic education, students will be guided to create a rational, healthy, and prosperous life with a sound mindset. Through offering different general educational courses, the principle of General Education has been settled as:

  1. Enabling students to improve language comprehension and expression abilities to enhance communication and coordination skills.
  2. Enabling student to develop the ability to think critically, solve problems independently, and prepare for future career development.
  3. With the cultivation of history,  democracy, and the rule of law, the foundation for students to participate in civil society is laid.
  4. Through art education, students are inspired to pursue the value and meaning of life.
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