The core course of the General Education curriculum (called the Humanistic Spirit) is a compulsory course for all students. In order to implement the core course for General Education, undergraduate students, including four-year day division and five-year junior college students taking four-credit general education courses, two-year undergraduate students and students in the night division, are required to take two-credit General Education courses.


Service learning courses are integrated into the core courses of General Education curriculum.


In the 2007 academic year, Hungkuang University started to implement service learning in four-year division day students and integrate service learning into core courses of General Education to become a featured course.


Focus on potential courses:

General Education Center holds various art and culture campaigns and several weekly activities to shape campus culture and lifelong self-learning enviornment. Also, our center promotes general education passport and self-reading planning to construct a rich and diverse potential curriculum environment and further facilitate autonomous lifelong self-learning.